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Climate change and sustainability are key global priorities and the need for collective action is greater now, more than ever. Reducing the carbon footprint, facilitating the green transition, and meeting net zero targets will require a multifaceted approach, involving all relevant stakeholders including governments, businesses, international institutions, and civil societies at large. India can has taken a leading role in combating and mitigating climate change. This track will deliberate on how economies and policymakers at the global level can come together to address some of these critical issues.
Session: Towards Net Zero Carbon & Water Neutrality in Buildings and Industry - Global Trends and Opportunities
Globally, more than 90 countries with 78 per cent of the global carbon footprint have committed to ‘net zero carbon’ targets. The business community, both nationally and globally, has taken aspirational commitments to ‘net zero’ and water neutrality, and has been making steady progress. It is therefore important to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized and a water-positive economy.
How can economies encourage involved stakeholders to continue building solutions that seek to deliver on this ambition? What can be done to facilitate this blue and green transition, which will require extensive collaboration, massive corporate investments in cleaner technologies, accelerated R&D initiatives, and enabling policies?