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Effective management has become a critical aspect of every business today, especially post the Covid-19 pandemic. The need for agility and adaptability to changing circumstances has become imperative to build business resilience and for remaining competitive. At the same time, the role of leadership and a strong corporate board are also essential in achieving innovation excellence, exploring new possibilities, and expanding business footprint. This track will explore the role of management for enhancing business competitiveness and in navigating the many challenges arising from similar crises such as Covid-19 in the future.
Session: Navigating Strategic Inflection Points in Business
Companies should be able to attend to all possible disruptions that could affect their modus operandi to maintain competitive advantage. They must learn to navigate challenging times and make the best decisions for creating better outcomes and taking the risks that are needed to succeed. Industries, companies, and employees who can spot “inflection points”, such as Artificial Intelligence driven ChatGPT, can leverage breakthrough disruptions to their strategic advantage.
How can industry smoothly navigate strategic inflection points in businesses, thus contributing to the growth of the nation? How can the Government and other stakeholders prepare them to “see around the corners” and spot disruptions affecting their businesses?