Green Economy

In a time characterized by environmental decline and the pressing challenges of climate change, the call for sustainability has become paramount for businesses globally. The Green Economy comprises renewable energy, sustainable transportation, green products and waste and environmental management, all of which will contribute to our sustainable future.

India is set on an ambitious path to Net Zero by 2070 and aims to create 500 gigawatts capacity in non-fossil fuels by 2030. Already, it has surpassed its Paris Commitments in raising the share of renewables in its energy usage. It has also laid out a roadmap for electric vehicles production along with the entire supply chain.

India Inc. is swiftly integrating sustainable approaches, from curbing carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy to adopting circular economy strategies. Across diverse industries, businesses are realigning their strategies with sustainability principles. Furthermore, corporate endeavors directed at environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, and efficient waste management not only mitigate environmental threats but also generate societal value by nurturing a culture of conscientious business practices.

This track will holistically cover the progress made on the Green Economy and what remains to be done to achieve India’s and the world’s goals on sustainability.