Employment & Livelihood

Gainful employment and job creation is one of the most critical levers for spurring economic growth and prosperity. As the most populous country in the world, India today enjoys a burgeoning workforce, 68% of whom belong to the working age group of 15-64.

With a significant proportion of its populace comprising of the youth demographic, India today finds itself at an advantageous space, with other major nations of the world faced with the challenges of labour shortages and ageing populations. With India’s demographic window expected to last over the next thirty years, this is an opportune time for India to potentially emerge as a key global provider of human resource.

The vision of Viksit Bharat or Developed India envisions a strong, resilient India that fosters innovation, job creation and the entrepreneurial spirit. Given this backdrop, the track on Employment and Livelihood will deliberate on key issues in India’s employment landscape and factors that can propel India’s transformation as a leader of skilled talent in the world.