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The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world and is poised to grow robustly in the coming years. With a strong reform agenda in place, India’s growth story has been one of resilience, despite strong headwinds in the current global economic scenario. Given this backdrop, this track will look at emerging topics on growth and competitiveness, India’s position as a global growth driver and its reform priorities for enhancing future economic growth prospects.
Session: Competitiveness Blueprint for India@100
India has spearheaded a resilient blueprint for its growth, based on strong fundamentals and transformative reforms which are aimed at enhancing competitiveness of the Indian economy and Indian industry. With significant growth enablers, India is well poised to be a developed nation by 2047, when it marks 100 years of Independence. As the Indian economy gears up to expand its global footprint, it also needs to benchmark its competitiveness with the best in the world.
How can the Indian economy and Indian industry drive global best standards in competitiveness? What should be the policy and reform priorities of the Government for enhancing competitiveness?
Session: Tracking India’s Growth in a Volatile World: Outlook for the Indian Economy in FY24
After staging a smart recovery from the pandemic, India’s economic growth rate has risen back to pre-pandemic levels, on the back of productivity-enhancing reforms and interventions introduced by both the Government and the Reserve Bank of India. As we step into FY24, the risks are shifting, from pandemic-driven to geopolitical risks, and the Indian economy is widely expected to slow down in FY24, after growing at around 7.0% in FY23. However, even though India’s domestic economic growth is expected to decelerate, it will continue to remain the world’s fastest-growing major economy.
What will be the key drivers for India’s growth in FY24? What will be the extent of the impact of the global flux and how can the Government help ameliorate the fallout?
Session: Building a Robust Financial Sector for a Competitive Economy
The financial sector has an important role in making Indian Industry and economy competitive. India is aiming to become a USD 40 trillion economy by 2047. To catalyze this growth, the financial sector needs to become more robust, with a stable banking system, efficient capital markets, and a strong regulatory framework.
What structural changes are required in the existing financial sector architecture to achieve the goal of a competitive Indian economy and Indian Industry? How can policy support this transformation and what capacity-building measures will be required to capitalize on that change?