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Session: International Conference on Chemicals and Petrochemicals: “Sustainable Transitions through Greentech & Digitalization”
Chemicals & Petrochemical being one of the fastest growing industries, is instrumental for developing the economy. It finds application in providing building blocks and raw materials for substantial commercial products. Given the sector's significant potential to overall economic development and nation building, G20 members have huge opportunities to increase the capacity and capability for achieving ambitious growth targets.
The conference would bring together experts, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders from the chemical and petrochemical industry to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for achieving sustainability in the industry. It will also focus on exploring collective action at both the bilateral and multilateral levels to facilitate negotiations among G20 members, foster decision making, and promote international agreements to boost sustainable chemistry for global economic growth.
Session: Manufacturing Conclave: “Making Manufacturing Future Ready”
As India aims to become a $5 trillion economy, manufacturing sector will play a major role in driving growth. The future of the sector is likely to be defined by the increasing adoption of advanced technologies such as AI, robotics and 3D printing which will make the production processes faster, efficient, and cost-effective, creating smart factories. Additionally, sustainability is likely to be a key focus, with manufacturing exploring ways to reduce waste and environmental impact.
The deliberations at this Conclave will be strategized around Business Resilience, Transformation through Technology & Innovation and Sustainability while also showcasing some best manufacturing practices.
Session: Startup Summit: “Unlocking Innovation through Corporate Startup Engagement”
Innovation is the key to success for both startups and corporates. Collaboration between the two is a strategic prerequisite as startups are recognised as valuable resources for innovation, facilitating growth and providing pioneering business solutions. Corporates are capable in delivering scale. Startups act as a source of talent, new technologies and service solutions that help corporates survive and remain competitive in their respective industries in a world driven by innovation. Likewise, corporate signify many advantages for startups: access to markets, market knowledge and experience, brand power and additional resources such as capital and funding
Session: International Conference on Cyber Security – DX Secure: “Innovations in Cybersecurity: Building a Safer Digital Infrastructure”
The world has witnessed several high-profile cyber-attacks which have resulted in bringing Cybersecurity, top of mind among key decision-makers in organizations and nations. It is imperative to highlight the challenges that security leaders are dealing with, the approaches they are taking to stay ahead of cybercriminals and the measures they are implementing to enhance cyber resilience not only within their organizations but also within the wider ecosystem.
The Conference will provide valuable insights into the latest technologies and best practices that can help organizations better prepare for the threats and challenges of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.