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India is on its way to become a US$ 40 trillion economy by 2047. With such expansion, the demand for skills is expected to grow manifold. Quality skill development with a focus on reskilling and upskilling will be essential in establishing an innovation driven ecosystem and maintaining livelihoods and employability in this era of disruptive technology. This track will explore some of these key areas and the role of skills and skill development in maintaining livelihoods.
Session: Employment & Employability
India is at the cusp of a new economic growth orbit and well on its way to becoming a USD 10 trillion economy. The massive expansion of the Indian Industry along with international manufacturing and production houses shifting to India has led to a manifold increase in the demand for skilled manpower. Skills and vocational training have become critical imperatives for not only leveraging the demographic dividend but for attracting greater investments.
What are the best practices that can India adopt for training its human resource effectively, which in turn will increase employment as well as employability? Given the fast-changing business landscape in post-pandemic India, what steps can be taken to bridge the skills gap?
Session: Entrepreneurship: Creating an Ecosystem for Grassroot Entrepreneurs and Startups
Grassroots entrepreneurs and startups are the backbone of the Indian economy and contribute significantly to job creation and economic growth. However, they face several challenges, such as limited access to finance, lack of mentorship, limited market access, and inadequate support systems. To address these challenges, it is essential to create an ecosystem that provides access to finance, mentors, networks, and markets.
How can the Government, private sector, and civil society work together to create this ecosystem and unleash the full potential of grassroots entrepreneurship in India? What can be done to facilitate this ecosystem, thus creating employment opportunities, driving innovation, and contributing to economic growth?