Advanced Technology & Innovation

In today’s time, India has underscored the pivotal role of science and technology as drivers of economic prosperity. Recognizing its significance, the nation has strategically positioned itself as a global hub for technological innovation, attracting substantial investments and fostering a dynamic ecosystem conducive to growth and development.

Ranked 3rd among the most attractive investment destinations for technology transactions worldwide, India has witnessed a surge in MNCs establishing their research and development (R&D) centers within its borders. This influx of investment underscores the growing recognition of India's potential as a hotbed of innovation and a fertile ground for technological advancement.

Additionally, India is home to over 11% of the world's Web 3.0 talent, and boasts the 3rd-largest talent pool globally, indicative of its burgeoning expertise in cutting-edge technologies. The Indian tech industry currently employs nearly 75,000 blockchain professionals, with projections indicating exponential growth in the coming years. This surge in talent underscores the country’s priority to staying at the helm of technological innovation and harnessing the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

India's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and embracing advanced technologies positions it as a formidable player on the global stage. With this backdrop, CII Annual National Conference 2024 will drive the conversation around India Inc. leading for shaping the future of technology and driving sustainable growth and development in the years to come.